Moving to the right

This is a technique question.

I have real problems moving to the right (Im orthodox) whilst effectively throwing punches. Specifically, Im never able to get in range and throw a right hand like I can throw the jab when Im going to the left.

Whats the secret?

No I meant moving to the right in an orthodox stance. I was always taught when moving to the left throw your left hand, when moving to the right throw your right.

Obviously its harder due to where your feet are, but I was just wondering if anyone has any tips.

I always had trouble with the footwork while moving to the right, in particular moving forward and to the right. I more or less solved it by turning it more into a forward walk while looking to my left (at the opponent), and throwing the right as my right foot landed, after a slight pivot on the left.

You will have a hard time moving to the right, and punching at the same time. When moving to the right, you will have to move, stop, then throw your right hand. Unless, as WhiteBelt said, you are throwing a step over left hook. Meaning you are throwing a left hook, while stepping right with your right foot. At about the same time your right foot hits, your left hook is landing. After the left hook is thrown, your right foot is planted, putting your weight onto your right thigh, making it an excellent time for you to throw your right hand. Let me know if I can be of any more help.

Thanks Keith.


so the power in this hook comes more from the step, and not the traditional pivot off the left foot?


Hey Sak,

Hey Sak,

The stepover hook is another way to throw the hook. I teach my fighters to pivot on their left hook, but throwing an occasional stepover hook is pretty effective, and it's a good way of setting up an angle to attack from.

awesome thanks keith