Moving to train

I have been heavily considering a move to an area so that I can get the best training out there. Are most camps excepting anyone that wants to fight/train mma?
What camps are the best for this or just best all around.
Who can I talk to about the move, because you pretty much need to trasfer your whole life to that area. find a job, place to live etc.

"Are most camps excepting anyone that wants to fight/train mma?"

Have you met Wolfman?


i really come here for info, not to much for posting... maybe I'll ask another time


Although I am not a fighter, depending on how serious you are you might want to contact the camps directly.

ATT I heared is a great facility, places in Gerogia or even in california. I wish I knew more about it to tell you but just ttt this post for a little while and someone will answer.


i was kinda thinkin LV, its in the desert and good for my allergies (lack of)
thing that kinda brings me back is moving my whole life there... home, work. I understand those are things you need to do, just need to figure it out ya know

"Have you met Wolfman?"

You are so wrong for that!

georgia has a pretty good scene going on right now. the midwest is on their way into something big too.

the scene is growing strong here in the midwest, what I was looking for was a place to get the best training. Out west seems to be the place too