moving to West Palm, tme

Relocating for a job transfer from Columbus, GA to West Palm. I couldn't find old threads so can any OG bros give me the goods on decent places to live? I'll be working for UTC off Beeline Hwy for reference. Single, no kids, can afford up to about 1200/month for a one bedroom and prefer something close to work if possible.

Every city has it's good and bad but anything is better than Columbus lol there was absolutely nothing to do there and I'm not leaving for more pay so for right now, WP is a breath of fresh air.

any places to see, drink at or hang out at would also be greatly appreciated, I'm heading down there next Wednesday for a tour of the work site for a possible move in December. THANKS BROS!

right now I'm heading off to bed but will check and TTT this thread for the morning crew

I grew up around Palm Springs, Riviera, and Loxahatchee. Shithole.

The Florida man stuff is way overplayed in media and the internet... except for palm beach county. A toxic mix of trailer trash rednecks, Haitian immigrants, Mexicans and rich retirees that all hate eachother.

Wellington is nice, Okeechobee to the west is a great small town and there are affluent pockets all around. Just really scope out the area before you sign a lease.

Lots to do, but you'll grow to hate it quickly I suspect. Phone Post 3.0

thanks guys i greatly appreciate the advice!

Ttt for more tips and advice! Phone Post 3.0