moylan's hopsickle

Ali has written about it on here and I've never been able to find it. My BevMo finally started stocking it and it's one of the best beers I've ever had. At 9% aclohol, it only takes one. Very smooth and hoopy with a great finish.

I haven't seen it either. I'll have to go look for it.

I saw loads of it for the first time at BevMo in San Jose yesterday. But a local grocery store has been carrying it for months now.

Pretty good stuff. It didn't blow me away like it sounds it did to many people.

I like all the Moylan's I've tried but this is my favorite.

Scab, are there any good beer stores in Santa Cruz, or will I end up driving to San Jose?

You'll have no problem finding Norcal micros. Lagunitas, Marin, Moylan's, North Coast, Bear Republic, etc. There are a few liquor stores and small local grocery stores that carry a fair selection of quality stuff. The best liquor store is 41st. Avenue Liquors a few miles south in Capitola. Good selection of Belgians, Norcal micros, some German and UK stuff. I picked up some Green Flash Barleywine and Triple there last week. Ballast Point looks like its getting distributed up here now also. I haven't seen any Alesmith in the area for about two years since 41st. had a couple cases of summer Yulesmith. It's not horrible but there aren't any Hi-Time or Holiday Wine Cellar around here for sure.

I hit up BevMo in San Jose as its the closest to Santa Cruz. It's decent like other BevMos up here but they usually don't stock really interesting stuff. No Alesmith at BevMo up here either. I use the Places section at Ratebeer as my reference and haven't seen anything else listed in the San Jose/South Bay area worth trying. The good places are in San Francisco and Berkeley from what I've read. But, despite trying, I haven't been able to get to Ledger's in Berkeley or Plumpjack Wines or City Beer in S.F. to see for myself The Whole Foods vary but don't usually carry anything you can't get somewhere else. The exception being the one on 4th St. in S.F. that has a very good selection.

Cool man, thanks.

No problem.

Was Meathook banned again? He is the only one I've seen that has innocent threads taken away by a MOD. WTF is that?

It happens too many times. Does anyone know who the rogue MOD is?

Nobody is nuking meathook (that I know of), his shit just gets erased on a semi-regular basis. Not sure why.

ANyway I had some Oggi's Hop Juice tonite... man, this was ALMOST too much. Almost. It was very intense tho. Hoppier than both Pliny's and Exponential Hoppiness.

Haven't seen that one yet.

Maybe Meathook needs another account:-)

I had a Hopsickle last night and followed it up with a Rogue chocolate stout. What a fucking hang over I have today.

I had a Hopsickle last nite... good beer. The aroma is intense! It's like inhaling a bag of hop pellets.

Do beers with more hops cause more of a hang over?

There's no reason I know of why they would, but there's a lot of shit going on in beer, so, who knows.

I'd say you just had two strong beers, maybe in a short period of time, maybe on an empty stomach... I wrote a pretty long post on hangovers on the health and medical forum, I'll post it here.

Here ya go

thank you

NO PROBLEM quite frankly I enjoy any activity that involves graphs, which is why I'm home alone most nights.