So I e-mailed my MPP and MP today.

I asked my MPP, Kahlil Ramal, to look into why as an Ontario citizen I do not have MMA in my province.

I asked my MP, Pat O'Brien, to look into amending section 83 1&2 of the criminal code to allow MMA.

My MP got back to me today. Well, his assistant. Telling me that he will present my request to the MP today and get back to me.

It will be interesting to hear the answers.


Good job Dougie...My MP and MPP...well, I'm still waiting to say the least.

Mark my words, the response you will get will come stratight from the desk of Ken Hayashi. Let me know.


Damnit, I need to get off my ass. Sorry guys. I'll talk to my dad when he gets home from England and see what we can do to help shit along.

Well Joe was the guy who made up my mind for me. he said that if you want something you have to go get it.

He's working his ass off to try and get us MMA in Ontario and I felt that I could sit here and complain about it every few months asking why we don't have it, or get on it and do SOMETHING!

So, I have some time on my hands. I have contacted my MPP and MP to start. That is what you are supposed in the system.

As of today both the MPP and the MP aids have contacted me to confirm my address so they can present my requests to their boss.

I will keep you all updated as to where this goes.

LOL @ MackDaddyFlexx!

I don't believe this. My MPP's assistant cannot find the ontario athletic comission.

"Hi Doug:
I have tried to find some information on the Ontario
Athletic Commission. I searched the government of
Ontario website and didn't come up with anything. I
googled it too. Again no real answers. Can you give me
some guidance? Is is a governmental commission? I've
never heard of it.

Showdown Joe or anyone else? Can you give me a hand in finding whom I should contact at the OAC? Thanx!

I bet it's things like this that let the OAC get away without being accountable to the people.

I need a boost Showdown Joe. Once I get my MPP onto this I won't let it drop.




Joe, e-mail me please.

Thanx Joe! I got that info off to the MPP.

Now, I wait to see what happens and what answers I get.

She's an MPP's assistant and can't find the OAC?
.... Google?

That is scary!

Absolutely frightening.

That's what I thought but apparently the OAC is one of those organizations that doesn't get a lot of press etc and they seem to get away with doing what they want because they fly under the radar.

Part of the issue with the Ontario Athletic Commission is that it's a one man gang. Most commissions have a 3 man/woman panel. Everything goes to a vote. Not in Ontario. In Ontario, it's Ken Hayashi and that's it.

The appeal process...that goes to Hayashi as well.

When was section 83 of the criminal code written anyway?

As far as a one man deal, well, that sucks. We all need to have some heat put on this guy.

Hopefully my adventures with my MP and MPP will inspire others to write their MP and MPP too and start looking into it.

So the MPP assistant e-mails me back today after getting the info and says they will be in touch with me soon.

Well, so far this week, nothing. My MPP contacted me to ask about the OAC and the MP contacted me to say they'd look into stuff but that's it.