mp3 on older computer

Im not too computer literate so could somebody tell me what downloading mp3s entails.I have an older computer about 350 mghz, pentium II. I do however have a hi-speed cable connection. What do I need as far as software and hardware to make mp3s or mp4s or whatever?I want to download music so I can wear an mp3 player when I run. Thanks in advance.

Okay, it all depends on how you want to do this, the legal way or the free way. I'm trying to go to bed so I'm going to answer this question quickly so that I can see about answer a few other threads before I go. TOmorrow if nobody has put a more elaborate answer up I'll answer in more detail (assuming I remember to).

Okay, to do this the legal way you have to buy songs in mp3 format, usually they cost about $1 per song. Places like and a good number of others are now selling songs for download. Once you pay for it the site will either give you a link to download from or it'll start the download automatically. Sometimes if you're using a special application to use their site the application will download the song automatically. Make sure you have enough space on your hard drive (and in general never let your hard drive get under 1gig free unless you absolutely have to). Once the song is downloaded you can do what you want with it, listen to it, put it on an MP3 player, burn it to CD, etc etc, you can do what ever you want with it other then share it out for other people to take without paying for it.

Okay, so you wanna get music for free, you need to find a place that lets you get MP3s for free, there are A LOT of FTP sites out there, and you can use applications like Kazaa or eMule, or whatever it is you want. Those are P2P applications, that means they're Peer-to-peer. When you sign in to their network it hooks you up with a bunch of other groupings of people using hte network (clusters) you start a search that'll search their systems for the results and then you can download a file from them. However, people like the RIAA have started going after people who share music this way. And don't believe what people are saying, the RIAA has in fact started going after people who only download music (before hand they were only going after people who shared music out), and they're no longer going after the big fish. Granted you download one or two songs they probably wont care, but if you download 30 songs (and that's really not that much) they've started going after people like that. Now I don't recall seeing any news about the RIAA suing more people and that could be b/c I missed it or it could be because they have met some legal opposition and not just other organizations but also legal problems.

You can also look into BitTorrents more.

Also, I know people who download music from various russian music sites, I don't know why they're always russian but they are. Go to the right site and you can download complete albums for like $1 or newly released albums for under $3. Everything I've seen from them points to them not being legal, but being great quality (generally 160 or 192 bit rates).

Okay Im' going to move on but I'll see about answering more tomorrow

thanks sicko