mp3 player and Scrapper's WOs

I want to get an mp3 player - preferably an iPod - and was
wondering if anyone here has any experience with using and iPod
with Scrapper's workouts.
I've heard that players with a hard drive aren't the best option for
jogging and bodyweight workouts so I've looked at other players
as well and the Nike/Philips sport mp3 player would be my
second choice.

If any of you have an iPod and used it without problems for LSD
and Scrapper's workouts then I would rather get an iPod than the
Nike sports mp3 player.

Got any recommendations?

I use a Rio Chiba mp3 player for my workouts and that thing takes some serious abuse!

Are you going to be using the iPod for other things or just playing music?


I'll probably use it for much more than just playing music or your
workouts. There's so much you can do with it that you can't do
with a simple mp 3 player like the Nike sports.

Do not buy an ipod for working out. it's too heavy and expensive (if you drop it). get the 256 mb iriver (55 songs) or the 16 mb muvo nomad (its like 40 bucks and holds 19 songs).

I have an iPod and use it during my Mod. 1 workouts. I just pop it in the pocket of my shorts or pants. Never had a problem with it falling out, or dropping. The weight is a non factor.

That being said, I would nto buy an ipod just for workouts, the cost ($$) does not justify the means.

I have a 15gb iPod.

You can get the smaller, lighter (and cheaper, I believe) 4gb model.

SquirrelStyle, I want to use the iPod for much more than just
workouts but don't want to spend the $$ and then go and ruin the
thing. I've decided to get the Nike sports mp3 player for
Thanks everyone.