MPG Gas Pills?

Today my neighbour asked me if I was interested in these MPG pills to help out with my gas mileage since both my wife and I commute to work. They cost like 3 bucks a pill and he says he uses them and has some of the other neighbours using them too. Claims they improved his gas milage a lot. I'm skeptical since he is obviously trying to sell them for personal gain, has a flyer with info and his name on it, and I've never heard of them before. My mother in law says she just saw them on tv the other day and they said they were a scam. So motorground what say you, a scam or legit? Might save some gas but for 3 bucks a pill I might spend even more.

I've never heard of it. Smells fishy to me.

99% probability of scam, maybe more since your neighbor is probably selling them as part of a MLM scheme.

"Doesn't work dude. No gas saving contraption has been proven to work yet."

Motorcycles. ;)

Thanks for the replies guys, figured it was probably a scam. At 3 bucks a pill I wasn't that interested anyways just wanted some more opinions.

that $3 could almost buy you one extra gallon of gasoline. id rather have that