Mr Harris, will this do

In the handbook it says that we must be cpr certified. I recently finished a course called first responder. It is a National Safety Council course. Half the course was cpr and the other half was emergency situations. Will this do for the association?


The first responder course will do!

Roy Harris


I asked you about CPR certification on the jiujitsugear forum sometime last year. You didn't respond. I asked if you thought that MA instructors including bjj instructors should look into getting CPR certification.

m.g., posted this because..........

I am asking because I don't know if your post was a question or a
statement. Let me know.



I am posting this...because...I wanted you to answer the question from that forum.

BUT you don't have to if you dont want to.

My post was a statment which refered to a question I ask previously.


You wrote you posted that question last year sometime. How am I
supposed to answer the question on that forum when it occured
over four months ago?

Also, what was your statement. Please state exactly what you were
trying to convey because I don't understand your statement.



P.S. I haven't answered questions on that other forum in such a
long time. (However, I did answer a couple of questions just last

Also, have you not read where I have been telling people since last
October that I am extremely busy with my business and that I have
not had time to answer everyone's questions? Have you not read
on this forum (and others) where I simply do not have time for

To all,

I've been a student of Roy Harris' for about three years now. In that time, he's always given so much to his friends, students, and COMPLETE STRANGERS. I must also say he's done so despite having so many demands on his schedule to the point where he almost never has time for himself. There's no humanly possible way he can get to everybody. If you want an example of what I mean, go take a look at his 24-hour article....

That being said, let's show some consideration and courtesy. No need to take it personally when he doesn't get to a question right away. There are hundreds of us on here and we've probably asked the same question one time or the other. Let's save the BOA some time by posting what we know and give the man a hand. In short, let's all try and give something back.


To answer your question directly:

Roy REQUIRES the instructors in his Grappling Association to be CPR certified...... so based on that, I would say on his behalf "YES," heĀ feels that martial art instructors should "look into" getting CPR certification.




I was joking. I didn't mean to "upset" you. I know you're busy.

Adam more or less answered the question.

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Nah. Dave is a good friend of mine.