Mr Inbetween Season 3

Is there a place to watch this for free

FX is where I watch it…maybe HULU?

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Had no idea he was the writer too, amazing. He’s like the Royce Gracie of bad ass gangsters. Looks down to earth and is likeable but is a cold blooded killer when he needs to be.

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what did u all think of the finale? the end that wasnt really an end…


Exactly…can be left open for anything (another movie, another season, spin off, etc.).

I was getting nervous thinking “no not a Soprano ending where he ‘gets killed’ in the last scene”…but that wicked smile, when the guys were trying to fuck with him was just so perfect of the ending…like “Fuck yeah boys, bring it on!”. I also love how he DIDN’T kill his “friend” who fucked him over, just walked out the sliding glass door.

Plus the title of the last episode was “I’m Not Leaving” so who knows?

All 6 user reviews on the last episode on IMDB are 10/10 so I’m not alone, lol.

My heart was pounding that whole episode. I kept waiting for him to get put down. But then that smile. Perfect ending.

As for his friend, I think they both know he’s fucked now. No Magician to help with the guys he owes money too.

Im gonna have to rewatch this.

Skipping the thread because I’ve never heard of this but the trailer looks fantastic!

I found the whole last season a little disappointing but still a very good show.

Hope he gets thrown sine cash to make a movie.

Good finale. I love this show. Too bad it’s done, there’s so little quality tv out there.

Agreed. We got back to trying to watch the final season of Bosch on Amazon Prime and it just drags on so damn slowly with all of the extra story lines that are so boring. Mr. Inbetween was so damn tight, lol.

goes to drive a cab same as he did in real life when his show-biz career wasnt taking off, but then he got the tv show made. so the end of the season 3 may be indicative of the potential for a 4th season and beyond

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I thought it was going to end with Ray getting smoked when he kept driving down the path. When that Cheshire cat grin came out you knew the b’ys were fucked.

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Incredible show, wish there was another season.

Binged s3 in 1 day.
Very sad it’s over.

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