Mr. Thornton?

I have some of your tapes, awesome stuff. My favorite is the guard tape. My big interest is sweeps and escapes from the guard. When I do have time to train I use pretty much those sweeps and escapes from your JKD II Ground tape. As I see it they are high percentage.

I guess my question is, do you pretty much just use the three sweeps you showed on that tape (in conjunction with the other pressures) or do you have others that you favor?



Sorry for the double Post. Damn this new forum.

Hi Ed,

I still use those often. What I use will depend on who I am rolling with. Some of my training partners are really familiar with my sweeps, so I have to mix it up.

As an example I have a pivot sweep off an attempted pass in butterfly guard that I have been using for awhile now, but what happens is eventualy everyone gets wise to it and stops passing in a manner that feeds that.

Lately I have been playing a lot of sitting up guard, with one or both butterfly. . arm drags, butterfly sweeps, underhooks into single leg butterfly sweep, and shots when the stand, has been what I have been working on the last Year or so.

I still use the hip bump sweep a lot. Especially when we are training with strikes.

-Matt Thornton


I appreciate you taking the time.