Mrach 13th Danger Zone results?

Can anyone please give the results and descriptions of the fights?



I only know the results from the 150lb. tourney. Due to two dropouts it was a six man single elimination.

fight1: The Weasel versus Kevin White, Weasel wins by Triangle choke rd.1

fight2: Anthony Morrison wins by TKO rd.1

fight3: Dustin Blaskie wins by submission rd.1

fight4: The Weasel versus Dustin Blaskie, Weasel wins by toe hold rd.1

fight5: Anthony Morrison, bye to finals

fight6:(finals) Weasel versus Anthony Morrison, Weasel wins by triangle choke rd.2

Awsome fights. Every fight was exciting and went to a finish , the weasel went in at 136 and looked like a little kid against his opponents. Big props to all the fighters for an outstanding performance.

Thanks Zucs. Sounds like I missed a good show.

hey weasel i have your fights on vid if your interested

email sent