MS lies about football for x360

At its press conference earlier this week, Microsoft made the announcement that Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer (known as Winning Eleven to us) and EA's FIFA Soccer would both see a year's exclusivity on the Xbox 360, making its next-gen console "the platform" for soccer fans. This was seemingly a huge win for Microsoft, considering how popular Soccer is in the European and Asian territories.

Now, however, we're starting to hear a different story. Speaking with Winning Eleven producer/creator Shingo 'Seabass' Takatsuka earlier today, we learned that Microsoft made claims that were untrue. "The presentation was misleading," he told us. "We never said exclusive for one year on the next-gen platforms. We said this year. We were agreed that it was this year."
The PS3 version could ship as early as next spring, he admitted, though no timeframe has been set yet.

Interestingly, although EA has no official comment on this yet, sources indicate that FIFA may not have a year's exclusivity window for next-gen platforms either.

first microsoft lied about GTA. now they lie again about Pro evo?

and the most important question of all.

how will the xbox360 nuthuggers on this forum will take this news?

I'm thinking the reaction will be along the lines of total apathy?

Misleading title.

"PS2 will have graphics like Toy Story."

"The Killzone 2 trailer is real-time gameplay."

Looks like MS has learned from the masters ;-)

And also, way to take things out of context: (cut and posted from Gamespot)

Speaking of duds, those hoping for megaton news out of this week's Leipzig Games Convention had to make do with much less explosive revelations. Arguably, the biggest news was that the next next-generation installments in the world's two top soccer franchises, FIFA 07 and Pro Evolution Soccer 6, would be exclusive to the Xbox 360 until fall 2007.

(bold and italics mine)

If you remove those three words, MS's statement is clearly a lie. If you keep them, it's not. I wonder what somebody's motivation would be for removing those words?  ;-)

redeye - I made a thread on this...there does certainly seem to have been some mixed signals that were sent out on this.

Still, like someone above said, Sony has always used blatant lies to get ahead in the marketing of it's consoles, so you really can't feel too bad for them...can you?

Microsoft never lied about GTA. Shoddy reporting and hearsay had people believing GTA was an exclusive for the 360, but MS never claimed it was.

now is not the time to point fingers to sony. we are talking about microsoft here. since people here take everything what president Bush ehhhh i mean microsoft says like gospel ;)

"now is not the time to point fingers to sony. we are talking about microsoft here. since people here take everything what president Bush ehhhh i mean microsoft says like gospel ;)"

Oh no you din't!!

"now is not the time to point fingers to sony. we are talking about microsoft here."

Fair enough, though this is really a case of ye olde pot and kettle calling each other black.

What is your source for your first post? I've looked at all the major gaming news sites that I visit (Gamespot, IGN, and TeamXBox), and none of them said that MS claimed exclusivity, only a temporary advantage.

And before you post it - let me check and possibly verify a theory of mine - is your source I'm hearing lots of rumors about them stirring the pot, and on all three sides of the fences, so to speak. Seems lots of folks are getting ticked at their behavior...

and it stands on the english website of konami as well.

From that article:

It has been falsely reported on some websites that Konami will release its Pro Evolution Soccer 6 exclusively for Microsoft's Xbox 360. These reports are not true. Konami is currently proceeding with the production of a multi-platform release of Pro Evolution Soccer 6 so that as many people as possible can enjoy the game.

While the phrasing of that statement could mean Konami simply refutes any reports that the game would be entirely exclusive to the 360 and not appearing on current-gen systems at all, a Konami rep told GameSpot the statement was in reference to Microsoft's press release claiming next-gen exclusivity. That press release was worded ambiguously to say that the franchises would be next-gen exclusive to the Xbox 360 "this year," which could mean the calendar year 2006 or the 12-month exclusivity widely reported. (Before running with the 12-month figure, GameSpot repeatedly confirmed the yearlong period with Microsoft representatives.)


OK, so in a nutshell what I said stands - they claimed exclusivity for a short time, with ambiguous-enough wording to fool some first-graders. Apparently, though, some *gaming news websites* are run by first-graders, as the report from MS themselves CLEARLY does not say it's exclusive for all time, and yet some newsies said that MS had in fact claimed that. Note that Gamespot themselves did *not.* So, basically, MS is said to have "lied" when in fact other people misreported what they said.

I understand a lot of people hate MS, but that's just blatantly unfair, to put other people's words in their mouth....