Ms. Marvel - first trailer

As (probably) the only Ms. Marvel fan, let me be the first to say that…this looks very ungood. They changed Kamala’s backstory/powers for no good reason I can think of and the characterization seems very, very off.

Of course, ymmv


One of the few I didnt follow, because it’s Marvel I’m definitely going to watch it. I understand they feel the need to give the girl power push, but it immediately handicaps a movie right off the bat. Its like female comedians, their just not that funny. I will say this though, the young lady they used is already ten times more likable then Captain Marvel or the Asian chick from Shang-chi.

um what?

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I cannot believe how entertaining this show is. Completely shocked from how I thought I’d feel. The actress and everyone in the production is gonna be up for awards

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You love this and you hate Goonies? I’m not watching this piece of shit I absolutely refuse to, I also didn’t wash that other flaming piece of shit about the guy looking for the Relic, Moonl knight, yeah that piece of shit… Marvel has really shit the bed with a handful of exceptions since endgame

It’s not what you think . It’s like into the spiderverse in real life. I can’t describe it you’ll have to just watch one episode

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I will…


Lets see it…

*And I didn’t watch into the spider-verse because Spider-Man isnt Mexican


Yeah, if he walks back the Goonies hate, i will watch ep. 1 on general principle.

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Goonies never die!

Dustin and Steve my fav Goonies

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I felt Dustins pain when that other older jerk kid told him he was going to punch him in the mouth so hard his teeth would fall out again

My fav Goonies character


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Steve May be the best teen character ever


Mouth never would have let those guys hang out with him. Shit Chunk was too cool for those guys

I’m not even doing schtick…… but my God does the Goonies look even shittier after seeing ST. The best Goonies character isn’t as good as like the 14th best ST ones. Who on Goonies is better than even Murray ?

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But watch ms marvel . Just for the production

Your terrible taste, plus a PC Durga Durga child super hero, dressed like another super hero nobody could stand, plus Disney’s terrible post Endgame track record, plus you not saying Goonies was great family entertainment…

Nah, Ill pass thanks…

Your loss . Goonies still

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Your endorsement is the greatest deterrent to watching anything. Thank you for the heads up!

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