Ms. Marvel - first trailer

Tell that to the nerdy chick with the glasses from season 1


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She dead!

No way this makes money. It will bomb and Hollywood will blame the audience.

It’s a tv show

Dreading watching episode 2.

Kamala doesn’t feel like Kamala, and Zoe should be smokin’ hot (it’s a MAJOR story arc you degenerates).

This makes me smile

F Disney and their woke crap

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Is it woke filth?

Short answer: I don’t know. It feels like “woke” is “whatever I don’t like”. So…maybe?

Longer answer: I look at these things by comparing how close they are to the original. So if characters are suddenly saying things on the tv show that they wouldn’t say in the comic, then I’m calling “foul”.

So far, I can’t put my finger on it, but the actress who plays Kamala doesn’t quite feel right. Nakia (Kamala’s best friend) seems pretty much on. Zoe seems completely off. In the comics, Zoe is the stereotypical super hot, cheer captain, super popular, mean girl. (That’s not the full story, but to say more would be SPOILERS)

Anyway, attitude-wise, beliefs, etc… the characters so far have accurately echoed the comic book. So from my perspective, nothing has been added yet.

The easiest thing to do is to take 10-15 minutes and read a few issues of Ms. Marvel. If you like the comic, chances are you will like the tv show.

Shows awesome. It’s a show for kids that actually feels like it’s for kids. Nails the comic book characters. And the Zoe girls pretty enough damn you guys are tuff to please lol. She can’t go all fake face and body she’s supposed to be in hs.

My biggest issue with the actress is that she is a chunky fireplug, while comic Kamala is a lanky beanpole. My biggest issue with the writing of the character is that TV show Kamala is way more manic and completely devoid of caution, while comic Kamala is less ‘childish’ and tries to think things through and at least consider consequences before jumping into a situation. The one thing they got absolutely right though is the character’s upbeat positivity.

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It’s clearly a kid’s show and should be judged as such.