Ms RaRa nakkid TapOut Pics

 jjd and JIMMYNAKS recommended i go this route to get your attention regarding the NAMMAE.

I emphatically said "NO, i don't think that would be a good idea", but they insisted, and threatened to jump me when i wasn't looking if i didn't.

So please direct all ill feelings in their direction. Thank you

TTT this until RaRa responds and/or post TapOut worthy pics!!

 lmao!! But try UG with this one!!!!! lol


*Yes my boy Sub is back!!!!!!! :)


*I knew the wife could hold him back for to long!

Pics to soothe the savage beast

Not nekkid but will have to do.................for now

Old Fav

this thread has taken a turn for the better real fast!


*feels all light headed after seeing that shot! 

teh tweeden. even old still has some kaboom

i find myself feeling hungry everytime i look at tweeden pic for some odd reason


What, the wife is out shopping somewhere?

I would post something dirty and obnoxous but with everyones cod damn wives and gf's posting here I aint about too lol


My definition of J.A.R. may interest you



jus so long as you DO NOT desecrate teh godly tweeden pic you all gewd.

 post away MT, Just Do It!

J.A.R.? Do explain.


What Would John Rain Do?


 FYI Mobu,

Tweeden is so Fn Hot she can say whatever she wants, and no matter how ludacris i'll believe her

 I use to hate Shane Dorian (pro surfer from B.I.) use to fuck the tweeden before he got married. Lucky fucker!


*she would fuck all the guys on her ex-show on fuel tv from what everybody has told me... STAR FUCKER!!