MSM and Leftists Caught Lying Again! IG Finds Trump Didn't Clear Lafayette Park For Photo Op!

This is the norm, not the exception, in modern day journalism and media

And, the country is crumbling around us as a result. Rising inflation, new wars being started, energy independence is a thing of the past, sky high fuel prices. But, you and your ilk don’t care. Because you hate America. You want it to fail. That way, maybe you’ll get communism like you’ve always wanted. All because you’re a pathetic loser that has never and will never amount to anything. You’re poor , stupid and lazy.

But the problem is the rhetoric they use BEFORE they have a clear answer. It’s one thing to discuss a controversy and say that your news organization is following up to determine if there’s any merit to the accusations, but it’s an entirely different thing to basically invent the accusations, discuss them with certainty, and THEN finally fact check and backtrack.

Quite frankly, I’m so burned out with modern politics. Every news station and every politician seems to lie endlessly. I think it was just a few weeks ago that two of the house representatives that called the Capitol Hill rioters tourists and great people were shown in leaked photos barricading doors with a look of sheer terror and running away while getting covered by secret service agents with their guns drawn lol. No one cares about anything and everyone seems determined to whore themselves out as long as it will catch them a few more votes.

It really doesn’t matter at this point. I still think you gotta pick the lesser of two evils a la South Park Douche v. Turd, so I generally lean conservative at most levels of government, but it’s hard not to feel completely disenfranchised and disconnected at this point. Liberals are infested with progressives that are wholly detachd from reality and republicans are infested with conspiracy theorists and Qanons with zero critical thinking; still horrified that Marjorie Taylor Greene and Lauren Boebert hold legislative positions.

Yea, it’s hilarious BigReeee

“Great people”
Jesus Christ



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