MSM is on blackout regarding vaccine mandate

Is OP also blind as well as being a mongoloid??


this did not go well for OP lol

He can’t even shut down his cognitive decline, how is he gonna shut down Covid?

What didn’t go over well? The literal only post that had anything to do with what I wrote has a clip of search results.

Yep front page is all Jan 6th bs. Lol

Top story voting rights lol

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Dumbasses often say MSM isn’t reporting X and then you check and it’s on the front page of the NY Times and Washington Post.

Top story voting rights
Next story orange man bad lol

Kristen cinema top story lol

I wouldn’t be able to tell you, i havent paided attention to anything MSM in over a year.

not sure how you missed it but as many have said it was the top story on just about every news channel and website.

Ya but there is zero Youtube content