MSN/FOX Sports blasts K-1

Called last night's show "A black eye for MMA" by allowing Johnny Morton to even compete.

He was KO'd by one punch and had to be stretchered out and flown to the hospital.

I don't really get the criticism, though. It's not like more MMA training means you can't be KO'd.

he should have been started out with a shannon ritch type of opponent. when they stood back up he should have dedicated his life to the take down. he was clearly nervous. he if he continues he can develop into a good fighter

Wasn't the opponent a TV personality with one fight?

I could understand the criticism if they had thrown Morton in with some top level fighter, but his opponent only had one previous fight himself. Fair matchup.

ROFLMFAO @ "JOBU'S RUM" - funniest damn screen name I've seen in a long time.

I wish I'd thought of it :-P

"Ees verah bad to steal Jobu's rum. Eees VERAH bad...."

They matched him up against a comedian with one fight...I dont see the reason for any outrage

He may have been a comedian, but he probably had a ton more off the record experience in fighting. Morton should have started with smaller cage shows.

Ted is correct.


"Let's make one thing clear right away, before the critics pounce: This is not an example of MMA's so-called barbarism. A similarly untrained boxer would have been knocked out, or an MMA fighter who decided to play pro football with limited training would get run over if he was for some reason given the chance.

This is a matter of a fighter being placed in a position he should not have been placed. This was a slap in the face to promotions like the UFC and the International Fight League, who have worked tirelessly to make sure fighters are reasonably matched and ensure safeguards are in place to make sure things like this don't happen."

The most fair article they could have made, I agree with what he said.

k-1 has no place for mma in the us.

Funny there weren't very much USC fans there so I doubt they give two shits about Morton and his MMA debut. Quite a bit of Koreans though. but I doubt they care about Morton either.

Sean Gannon did not lose his badge! He is still a respected cop in Boston. He was also a very tough MMA fighter before the UFC show and had fought in MASS Destruction and was it's Heavyweight Champ.

He does not compare with Morton as he is a much better fighter than a Morton will ever be.

if you are going to train a month then take a fight do it on an amateur show