MSNBC about to trash MMA tonight?

So I am here at work (MSNBC) and we have The Tucker Carlson show on right now. Going to the last commercial break they showed video of an extremely old UFC and teased a story somewhere in the rest of the show. Looks like a uninformed trashing to me.

If you are logged on right now July 28 9:37pm put it on. The guy with the bow tie's show. It re-airs at 1am eastern also.

Turned out to be retarded. Talking about cage fighting in the midwest saying it is different for the UFC because there are no rules at all.

The whole thing was based on a newspaper article somewhere. Total unresearched non event.

They said some guys in the shows were found picking bar fights.

Max kind of said, yeah that may happen but no deaths in the UFC ever, and he said UFC is a brand and that's what you want to watch.

Sounds like it went ok.

ttt for positive news on MMA