MSNBC guest is a dumb b!tch

In years past that would be true but enough people with common sense are aware of how much of a dumpster fire this administration is. You already see people cutting back on life style choices in order to compensate for increases prices.

Who says people are not cutting down on unnecessary expenses, other than the dumb broad on MSNBC?

Many people cut down their expenses or sacrificed trips, planned purchases, etc.

What about the people who won’t be able to make it?

There will be a % that won’t be able to pay rent, get to work and will lose their job
Pay their mortgage or car payment

What about those people. The low income earners

Those on a fixed income. (Seniors- vets etc)

Should they shut up and deal with it

Typical elitist MSNBC guest

I dont think you are going to see the normal surge of Summer traveling and vacations that they think are going to happen. That market is still running somewhat flat. I have two beach rental properties who usually by mid-March are fully booked for the Summer. Even during Covid they were fully booked. I still have open weeks and its the end of the June and in talking to other owners they are saying the same thing. Not saying this situation is completely indicative of it in the overall scheme of things. It is a bit concerning.

Shit, low income earners at least have a government safety net. Try being a single male middle class small business owner. Sink or swim baby (as it should be) but with a big fat tax burden around your ankle

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Thread title is accurate.

And inflated prices of raw materials, supplies, etc

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Because people who struggled (and did not makes money or even use the market for investments for the past decade) are now spending all their extra money for gas. This isn’t fake. People who are just regular middle class - WHICH IS MOST OF AMERICA are getting hurt the most. Ghetto blacks are still getting their checks, truck whites are still unaffected because they have so much extra, but that leaves the real America, black and white folks who work everyday and doubling a required expense (gas) while making everything else more expensive, is not a good thing and it really hurts.

Couple this with less employment opportunity sure to a fake, government created SCAMDEMIC, and you have a very uncomfortable situation.

unemplyoment is at 3.6% but who knows if it will stay that way.