MT in the street

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what MAists teach for self defense generally will not include material like Iceberg Slim has posted that Tony Blauer and Geoff Thompson et al have been teaching. NVP (non-violent postures), verbal deescalation skills, etc.

and i am not bashing MT as a delivery system. far from it. i'm just hoping people realize that what you practice for ring may not be applicable for street. also, you train the way you fight.


thanks. did you read ART OF FIGHTING WITHOUT FIGHTING? geoff has changed his tune, he has mellowed. i read his earlier DEAD OR ALIVE: THE CHOICE IS YOURS and WATCH MY BACK and he used to advocate the preemptive strike, but with AOFWF, he seems to preach avoidance more than anything. however, DOA and AOFWF taken as a whole has some good thoughts/tips on street self defense.

Big Ten school. Fat Goths with green hair. Sounds just like Kirkwood Ave at IU.


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I think MT in the street is MT in the ring. Most people can't take a low kick in the leg. High kick to the face. Jab, uppercut, all that shit.

I personally threw a kick once, and paid for it. I recovered and manged to get the better of the guy (i.e. stop him from doing anymore damage) by clinching and off balancing him then dropping him o his arse.

I went for a kick to the head, while he was down bt got pulled away beforehand. Lucky really, I might have seriously hurt him. Then I could be looking at legal issues.

I had a pretty bad cut inside my mouth where he hit me and my own teeth cu he inside o my mouth. I had a few to drink that night, so it could have been the alcohol messing up my co-ordination. But I will hink twice about throwing a kick in the street again.

Yours, Beev

Interesting that some of you wouldn't use kicks on the street. I personally have ended fights with a single kick and they are an important part of my arsenal. But everyone's different...


Hey adonis , was that at EMU in Ypsi?I frequent that BW3 on occasion & had a near-fight with some punk rocker types about two years ago.But I didn't get to thrash anybody.Sometimes my bark keeps me from having to bite.