We here at Evolution Mixed Martial Arts Academy are looking for a Muay Thai Instructor. We offer fully equipped gym including caged matted area, full size boxing ring, cardio equipment, free weights, sauna, hot tubs and living accomodations. (Laundry, kitchen, etc) If interested please contact Barb @ 250-503-1688 or 250-503-8320 or email at



any help keeping this ttt much appreciated


barb, email me @

thanks kirik

TTT Thx Everyone

ttt :-)_~~

Evolution Mixed Martial Arts Academy is great. Not only is the academy fist rate with its amenities and equipment, but it is also staffed by some of the friendliest and kindest people that I met in Canada. I spent about 5 days up in Canada for the North American Trials for ADCC, and there wasn’t a day that went by that we did not go into the academy. If you get the chance to go up there and train in this first class facility don’t hesitate to go. Thanks everyone up at Evolution Mixed Martial Arts Academy for everything that you guys did for us on our visit.

Steve Lewis


GReat place, great people, nice girls

TTT, Thanks Steve, I had a really great time while you guys were here I couldn't have asked for more pleasant people to be around. Also you Carlos, yes the girls are fine here and of course everyone here loves you too and wants you back. Anyways, thank you for trying to keep this at the top, and hope to talk to everyone real soon.

Looks to book ticket to Kolowna, BC.*

Can't wait

I, for one, have never been to a more organized and equipped academy than Evolution. The layout is huge and top notch, and Barb and Jason run it like a well oiled machine. Any MT guys should jump at the oppurtunity to be a part of their team. Hopefully I can get the chance to do some MMA up there soon!



awesome responses guys! The trials went very smoothly and everyone that stayed here was great. It really goes to show that mutual respect is quite commonplace in our sport. Any Muay Thai instructors would be wise to contact Barb and/or Jason.

The ADCC trials was my second visit to Evolution and that gym is great and so are the people who run it. This is a hell of an opportunity.


TTT. Thnx for all the great responses. ChimChim, I can't wait until you come out to train. By the way, how is the cramping?? Hopefully you feel better. Anyways, thanks again everyone.

Unfortunately, I pulled a hip flexor muscle, and am out for a couple of week, at the most. :(
I need a break, anyway, and this is probably the only way I'll take one! :)

TTT for Evolution!!!