Mt Juliet TN people.. want to make a quick $50.00?

Theres a few places I’m considering moving to, but currently top of the list is LC Mount Juliet - 1125 Westwood Blvd, Mount Juliet, TN , i wanna see if i like it enough to buy a house there, or brentwood or franklin

I’m in another state and will pay someone to “scout it out” for me. Let me know the neighborhood in general as far as is it run down/shitty. How close to freeway traffic/noise … the shape of the community. From what you can tell just by driving around the the streets in the community do the people look low life or more upscale, etc.

I’m looking for people in the same socio-economic bracket as me, basically / within reason. People making around 100k a year-ish…

basically is it a nice to live. Dont care about night life or hiking trails.

Let me know if you’re interested. I kind need it done sooner than later. I wanna get my application in within the next few days

thanks in advance

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100K/yr won’t get you too far in Brentwood homie

I make a lot more than that. I just figured people who make what I make dont live in apartments. I put a roundabout professionals salary

Only 500k …theres quite a lot of nice houses for someone single in the 500-600k range there


Google Earth mang

not the same

Paging JoeVIP!

If Hendersonville is in your thoughts, there are 2 in our development currently for sale. Check out 101 Troon Ct and 102 Country Hills Dr. 37075.
I can get to downtown Nashville (if that’s a concern) in about 25 minutes from here

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Here in Nashville we call that area “Brentioch” as in technically it’s in Brentwood but it’s so close to undesirable Nashville areas you don’t get the Brentwood bragging rights.

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That’s a nice area. Right next to providence, so shopping / restaurants are super close. Also next to I-40, which is convenient. 24 & 65 are much bigger pains in the ass to drive on, in my experience. I imagine its probably cheaper than Franklin or Brentwood as well. Noise shouldn’t be much of an issue.

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Moving to Franklin in June.

What’s your thoughts on the south west side of I-65/Old Hickory Blvd for a business lease?

BTW - we’re moving to Franklin from CA. I drove all over the Nashville area the last couple of trips we took back and I liked Franklin the best

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what are these addresses? place to rent? google earth - they look good


Traffic fucking sucks on Old Hickory. That’s all I gotta say about that.

my first thought was that I hate that f’ing exit… I’m guessing you’re talking about maryland farms / franklin rd area? Hella traffic and probably overpriced (depending on what you need). Usually see a bunch of nice cars though. Anything between Brentwood and Franklin is gonna be legit… and to expand on that - anything south of old hickory and west of nolensville rd is too.

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My bad, I thought you were buying. They’re both for sale.

2 houses down just rented about a month ago for 2300/month. I don’t think anything else is available at the moment though

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i never lived in TN. want to rent first to make sure i want to buy

Understood. I moved to Hendersonville from the Philly suburbs in PA a little over a year ago and have zero regrets. Affordability is great and people are way more friendly

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