MT on the streets

:) LOL Guys

Khun Kao - I have a friend that says "It's a funny think about 30 years experience, it takes 30 years to get it."

The older and more brittle I get - the more I work on improving my one mile dash times!!!!!

.... and there's allways more to learn and old tools to take out of the bag and re-sharpen.

The last 2 years I've been working so much on my Stand Up fighting ....... mast month I decided to do some ground training with one of my guys (24 years old grappler - 215 pounds - full time athletic trainer), damned kid made me tap! (So I BIT him !)

.. and Khun Kao, you will surpass my Thai skills! You are training SMARTER than I did when I was young !

... and yes Goong - I have boot knives.

My favorite was always a Gerber - Hoffritz Mark 1 but I've recently switched to a Boker 4317 Applegate/Fairbain Boot Version. The blade is flat on one side and so it feels rugged-er, but the sheath feels thinner. The handle is meatier and the sheath is a flexible plastic with a good retention "Quick Draw" design. Feels like it could go through a car door !


"...go for my bootknife or reach for my firearm..."

You have officially knocked Khun Kao off his lofty
perch as my favourite posts to read.

Please tell me you actually have a bootknife. God
bless America!


OH NO!!!! I've been replaced!!!!


What can I say? I don't have anywhere near the depth of experience that Joe has. I've been at it 1/3 of the time that he has...

I've never had to use MT to defend myself outside of the ring either, though I know people who have. From what I understand, it seems to work well in the situation where you have a drunken person trying to bully you around and piss on the wrong fence. But I wouldn't try to use MT in a knife or gun fight either!

Khun Kao

I worked as a bodyguard and a bouncer for a long time, but never lookied on the physical skills of defending myself in the street as using my Muay Thai skills.

Muay Thai is a great and tough sport - but it IS a sport.

While some of the "tools" cross over. If you do "Muay Thai" in a life or death situation - you may die.

I would HATE to forget to Head Butt, Eye Gouge, Bite, Grion Grab, go for my boot knife or reach for my firearm because some scumbag was tring to kill me and I was trying to Box him !

If I got myself killed - my wife would be VERY angry with me !



Hello, my fellow forum members. I know most of you don't like sharing fight stories, but they can actually be more enlightening than you realize! How about you share some of your experiences of having to resort to using your MT skills in street situations? Maybe also include what was effective and what was a waste of time? Thank you.

Never fought on the street. Have been harassed &
challenged verbally, but never physically attacked.

I have been tempted several times, got the feet in position & lined up the elbow, but I just knew it
would be a bad choice and it could turn out
really bad for me, win or lose.

In hindsight I know I have always made the right
choice, but my ego has bothered me on occasions and
others who know me & my fighting skills may wonder
"why the hell didn't he knock that guy out?"

As I said, that's an ego thing. I choose not to
fight if at all possible. I have never fought to
impress other people, so fuck them.

Sorry for not giving anything more entertaining, I'm sure some of the boys have some stories....

Goong. this the knife you carry now?

Nebuchadnezzar, Yep - that's the one.

TampaNHB - 18 years old huh ?

My dad had a saying, it's a pitty that youth is wasted on the young.

A few pionts for your edification.

1.) Thai Boxing was not used in "War". So what, disagreeing countries would find a ring a neutral country and pair up and put the gloves on ?

2.) The SPORT of Thai Boxing is FULL of rules compared to the street. (When I train for the street, I don't have to think about what I'm NOT allowed to do.)

3.) Any sport training implies CONSENT in all aspects of training. That, combined with safety gear, a matted floor, ropes, a ref, and RULES virtually eliminates the adrenal process on which ORGANIC FEAR is predicated. What that means is that your Thai Boxing is a completely DIFFERENT psychological experience than a life or death self defense situation.

4.) I am a former United States Marine, qualified expert with the 45 and the M16. As a bodyguard I had a concieled carry permit and was therefore lisenced to carry a firearm. I have faced guns 4 times on the job. If you take "empty hands" to a gun fight you are an idiot !

5.) The last time I got shot at - MY 9MM SAVED MY LIFE !

6.) The most commonly carried weapon in the USA is a knife. I am trained it it's use. If I choose to carry one in order to protect my Wife, my Children, or myself - I make a decision based on my training, and experience. Again, if you take you "Shin Kick" to a knife fight - YOU WILL DIE !

7.) I'm not saying that EVERYONE should carry a gun.

My Urban Tactics program is based on the REAL WORLD experience of myself and a dozen others who ACTUALLY have survived Gun, Knife, and other life threatening encounters.

Kickboxing is a GREAT and TOUGH sport. Many people who train in Kickboxing have used what they know to win a street fight.

When it's two guys having a pissing contest over which one was looking at the others girl friend - that's one thing.

When your facing two career criminals packing knives (or guns if violating their paroles doesn't bother them) who came into your nice middle class neighborhood 'cause the just "hit" the last stash of Rock Cocaine and need to make a cash withdrawal at YOUR HOUSE (... and arn't in a hurry so they have time to tie you ina chair and rape your wife before them leave to meet their dealer --- well that's another thing - isn't it.

If that ever happens to you - you shin kick the hell out of them ok.

If I have have a piston within reach - I'll shoot the scumbags. If I can get to a Blade, I cut the first one in half, and give the other a chance to wait for the Police. If I can't get to a blade I'll shove my laptop down the first ones throat!!!!!!

I LOVE KICKBOXING - shit, I spent $80,000 to build a great place to train.

But when it comes to protecting my Wife, My KIds, or Myself - I want the BEST CHANCE OF SURVIVAL I CAN GET.

And restricting my training to Muay Thai is NOT it.

Both my chilren are older than you - you've probably hear this somewhere before - but you'll understand when you are older - I just hope you have the chance to get to BE my age.

Train Hard,


Good responses, and I completely see everyone's points. If one was to try to do "Muay Thai" or any other art for that matter on the streets in the sportive way, you may be setting yourself up for failure, but isn't it true that martial arts also have purely combative uses? Like boxing for example. If I were to square off with someone on the street, jab, and dance around like Muhammad Ali, I may end up getting killed. On the other hand, if I throw a pre-emptive left hook and then turn and run while he's reeling, won't there be a chance at survivng? I'm sure MT can be utilized in similar fashions.

I did an elbow strike to someone's jaw in a fight once. That was the only blow I threw, and that was the only one it took. I even had a heavy, heavy winter jacket on at the time.

I'd just say, train how you want to use the skill. If you train for the ring, then be vary careful trying to use that skill when you are being attacked. A good friend of mine's brother had a couple close calls. He was an insanely good ring fighter at our gym, but very young and cocky...the last thing I heard about him was that he had gotten into a lot of street fights, and had survived them...he then was at a club, dancing with some girl, the girls boyfriend (or something like that) came in and started something with him. Instead of backing down, my friend's brother decided to pick a fight...he ended up getting knifed in the head, and crawled out of the club - past out in the street. He was pretty lucky he didn't get killed.

The couple of times I've gotten into altercations, none of which turned physically violent (thank god), I've tried my hardest not to let my ego get me in a fight. So far so good. Now, if I could only get my wife to do the same, she's mean....


I've always stated that one of the most important things you learn for self defense when training for sport fighting is that you learn how to run, and run well...

Khun Kao



You want a good story about using Muay Thai to crush
the forces of evil and leave nothing but a pile
of bloodied and broken bodies????

Well - this one time, on band camp...


I never saw a WAR where the solders wore ten ounce gloves, fought on a padded surface and had a referee to make sure nobody got hurt :)


My friends,
TampaNHB - when did we find out you were 18 yrs old?
Joe is not trying to beat you down because of that,
he is just trying to highlight the difference
between fighting for your life and fighting for

Yes you are somewhat correct regarding the origins of
the sport and Joe knows that. But the sport itself
today probably bears very little resemblance to the
hand-to-hand tactics used in battle.

Imagine the difference in techniques and strategy.

You are right about the dangers of carrying guns. You
are wrong that a knife is a good thing to have. Either
you are for carrying deadly weapons or against it.
You can not tell me that carrying one is inherently
safer than the other.

I personally am totally opposed to carrying any type
of deadly weapon. I won't get into to politics of
owning one or having it in your home - there are
many cultural differences in this regard between
an Aussie like me and Americans.


I'll say this. I feel a whole hell of a lot safer now using my one year of Muay Thai in the streets then I do my five years of practicing eyejabs, headbutts, and other deadly moves against not moving targets like too many martial arts do. Yes fighting the the streets is very different then fighting in a ring but I feel competitive fighting under varying rules is the best training out there.

I used to carry a gun in my youth when I was involved in things I shouldn't have been. Luckly I never had to use it but I have seen people get shot and I understand the difference between the ring and real life. I dont carry any weapons and more. I just dont feel the need to walk around with a gun or a knife everywhere I go, unless I think something may go down. I'm a soft spoken guy and to me its not worth it.

Still I feel competitive training like Muay Thai, boxing, or MMA will produce a better street fighter then most other methods I have seen. My best friend growing up was a top boxer (turned pro at 20) and a gangbanger and no one could touch him in a street fight.

Anyway, just my opinion.

My god, where the HELL did you grow up?

LOL..naah, it doesn't happen in the place where I grow up (I grow up in Medan, North Sumatra). Those things most frequently happen in Jakarta where my family (dad, mum, bros & sis) live now..