MT Workout

I find it is better getting in the gym for a light workout than no workout at all. The other night I did this workout.

15 min. Jump rope
3x3 rounds shadow boxing
5x3 rounds on the heavy bag
1 set crunches 1 set pushups

I guess my question is this enougght to feel good about? i usally include at least 4 rounds of sparring but I was just too tired..

I was wondering when you guys have off days hod do you train..???


its not bad. but i would do more sets of pushups and sit ups. squats to.

drink while staring at my thai pads

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"drink while staring at my thai pads"


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When I was training (See my help thread)

Here is the standard workout at my gym for non-beginners.

Fight prep switches the run to sprints, adds 1-2 rounds of Thai Pads, add sparrings, 1-2 round of "Dance Kick" on the bags, and foot drills on a tire.

Wei Kru
20 min run.
3 Rounds Skip rope
3 Rounds Shadow Box
60 Frog Jumps around gym
60 seconds sitting in squat stance
60 twinting frog jumps

Tape Up

8 Rounds Heavy Bag
1-2 Round Thai Pad
1-2 Round Spar

60 Sit-ups
60 Push-ups
60 Twist Sit-ups.

3-4 times per week.

Off fight prep
added 2 powerlift sessions full-body. Low volume to prevent overtraining.
1 Scrappers body weight circuit for 3rd session
Grapple or add 2-3 cardios during week, intensity based on how I felt my overtraining was.

Fight Prep...
Stop Grappling
2 - Scrapper or similar muscular endurance circuit
1 - Powerlift Session
3-5 extra cardo sessions

This is the beginners work-out in my gym...
New people work their way up (For example, they don't micro manage push-ups... whatever it takes to finish 60 (6x 10, or more likely 25-15-10-5-5-5-4-1)

Wei Kru

10 Minutes Skip Rope

10 Minutes Shadow Box

60 Frog Jumps around gym

60 seconds sitting in squat stance

60 twisting frog jumps

8 Rounds Heavy Bag

1 Round Thai Pad

60 Sit-ups

60 Push-ups

60 Twist Sit-ups

eabeam, did you guys do that everyday or 3-4 days a week i got confused and could you explain a frog jump thanks

Well, the gym started off open only 3 days a week.
Once we started developing a group of fighters with fights coming up, the owner gave someone a set of keys.

(He was a single dad with a day job.)

I have been out of commission, but I anticipate 3-5 times a week.

However, if I can get back up and running, I would do 3 days/week and add 1-2 sessions of western boxing.

My instructor taught traditional Thai style fighting, but the reality is, in Los Angeles, Heavyweights do a more K-! style fight.

I lost to a Mexican dude from the East L.A. area who had 3 kickboxing bouts to my zero.

However, he flurried me with boxing and I was not prepared well enough for that.

I don't know what to call the "Frog Jumps" but here is what they are...

You squat down so that your butt is near your heels, and you are on the balls of your feet.

Hands are either laced over head or holding medicine ball.

you then bounce around the gym on the ball of your feet in this squatted position.

If there is an official name for this, let me know.

"If there is an official name for this, let me know."

It is one of those workouts where it is REALLY tough at first, but it does not take long to get used to...

For the first three weeks, the warm-up (Up to the heavybag work) kills you.

Then it gets real easy.

The main concern is overtraining with your out of gym workouts.

In the frog jumps, do you ever extend your legs? How high are you bouncing, and Ryuku, what do you mean by not bouncing at the bottom? Thanks.

What is meant about not bouncing at the bottom is that you should be in full control of the entire motion. If you 'bounce' at the bottom, it is because you have relaxed your legs enough so that your butt hits your heels and you 'bounce'. This is very bad for your knees.

In frog jumps, you do extend your legs.

What we do is a controled bounce. Your knees never get close to parallel, you stay in a pretty crouched position the whole time.

Imagine a little more clearance than skipping rope, contacted ground just a little more forward on the foot.

Kills the calves beyond belief.

I definitely was unable to do it for a year after my ACL surgery.

I am not a big fan of them, but I didn't object or ask for an explanation as to why we do them either.

In fact, I just chalked up that 120lb Thai dudes can do a whole lot more with less pain that a 6'3" 250lb dude with several surgeries in his past.

Of course, I am a whole lot fatter at the same weight, thus my "Help" thread.

I am trying to get back, I am trying to get the training diary thing going on USKickboxing, but I had some problems setting up an account.