MTG Snatch and Squat

Let’s see AOC match this.

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She’s an idiot.


MTG is very strong for a woman. I like her a lot.

If she fought AOC in a no-rules match, I don’t know if she’d have an answer for those donkey teeth.

Definitely stronger, though. Then again, AOC probably has retard strength, given she’s a libtard.


Every time i see MTG in a post title i think its going to be about Magic The Gathering.

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She can get it any day!

Didn’t her husband leave her?

Surprised an top man OGer didn’t swoop in.

If AOC was actually born and raised in the hood, she’d have a change.

But she grew up in Yorktown Heights

Pretty good form.

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What is that godawful song?

Desus And Mero Pass GIF by Bernie Sanders

Yeah you like men so that’s no surprise…

Pretty dam impressive, retard strength or not.


grossed out seinfeld GIF by HULU