MTripp's new forum

Now that he is no longer posting in here. Where is his
new home? Just curious...


Could someone answer this question in a rationale, relaxed manner?: What was the problem with Mark?


there was (is) nothing wrong with Mark. his new forum is @

Thanks Joe.

He may be a "lunatic" like most people think but he is very very knowledgeable.

He's extremely knowledgable and his seminars are excellent.

M. Tripp was very knowledgeable, however, he stirred things up on this forum. Evidence of that can be observed by how cordial things have been since he was removed as moderator.

This forum has improved since he has been absent.

Just hang out on his forum, dont ask what happened other wise your computer will explode ninja style.....

All I can say is that from what little I know of him, I like and respect Mark; I feel pretty much the same way about the people that he conflicted with (or conflicted with him). I think we are all poorer because of the fact they couldn't get along. But hopefully we will have two strong forums where before there was only one.

For the record Mark was NOT removed, he left.