MTV True Life, Thai Fighter on NOW

Just started right now, 1am Eastern

I think it was good myself!

I thought it was gay. The DJ was the only cool guy on the show. The other guy came off as arrogant and whiney.

I thought Kit was cool!

Kit should have been on TUF. He would have kicked ass

At the end when he showed he was going to get into MMA I thought wow this guy is awesome and he is giving exposure. I hope his lady learned to support him more.

they broke up sexz.

Its a great move for him then. I hope the next one supports him! Thanks for the information.

Support him like Jacques Strappe?

Kit's a cool guy.

I think he's 1 -3 in MMA, but what is important is that he's learning the sport and when he gets comfortable with it, he's gonna be the real deal...  Good luck Kit.

I liked it

you kmnow Kit Cope is fighting melvin Guillard soon.

2 thai guys. i know Melvin has a minimal ground game and i'm assuming Kip does aswell (tho last i remember he tains ith jon lewis so it might be ok)

either way, if it stays standing expect Melvin to win.

i thought the show was probably one of the best programs mtv has had on in a long time. it was done very well.

The only thing worth watching on MTV in a long time, other then Viva La Bam....

Kit is fighting Melvin Guillard on Feb 19th.

He is training with Tito and Ricco and is now a member of Team Punishment!

Kit will win now that he has good training partners.

Kit will definitely win. To clear it up, I am 1-2 in MMA, with my last one a win by sub.

Good Luck Kit.

good luck bro, hopefully we'll get to see you fight on tv sometime soon.