MTV's "Made", Wrestling on NOW

9am EST, it just started.  Little choir boy, thespian and dancer wants to be MADE into a tough guy High School Wrestler.

Curt Aingle is his MADE Coach too.

LOL @ Wrestling Coach (Not Aingle)...

Coach:  You'd better take your glasses off

Boy:  Yah, I don't want to get them broken, Ill put them over here

Coach:  You'd better put your BONES over there too.

I wouldn't mind smacking that football player around.

Good show, at least he didn't give up. He didn't win his first match, but he looked better, and he had confidence. Great Coach!!!

I thought that guy made alot of progress. That was a very good coach and that kid didn't give up.

I saw that on last night, it was a good watch. The coach was good. I liked when he was talking to the kid about asking the other wrestlers to come to his party. He wasn't just making him a better wrestler he made him much more confident.

That kid was definately a little nerd, but that pisses me off to see him getting picked on when the othet kid know he won't do anything back. Aingle should of slammed that football player kid on his head.

I saw it also, man that kid had tremendous heart and desire. Also that football player was a punk and just reminds me how kids in highschool could be such assholes. Kurt was pretty cool. His real coach was great also mean gene. pin 2 win