MTV's True Life: I'm On Steroids

Anyone know who the MMA guy was? The roids didn't seem to help him become anything more than a pimpled asshole. Not exactly wise to go on MTV and advertise that he uses steroids. Good luck getting into the UFC.

He seemed kinda a dick to his GF..She looked pretty cute and a bit out of his league.

His Acne was out of Control..I have friends juiced to the gills but nothing like that.

The show was very biased IMO..I felt sad that the family that lost their son blamed it soley on Steroids.It was obvious their son had some problems going on.

easier to blame drugs than blame yourself imo.

Romo guy also..he was blaming the roids for chugging a bottle of aspirin but obvioulsy he has self image issues and wants everybody to like him.

The MMA Pimple guy was the only one that actually didn't seem to have any image issues or other mental problems.he just seemed like a cocky dick cheseburgee


"Good luck getting into the UFC."

dana has stated time and again there the UFC has NO POLICY regarding steroids, ie they dont give a shart. But the NSAC does test, after guys are in the UFC. If you can pass Nevada's test Dana isnt going to give two shits about u using steroids.

MMA guy was a f*ucking tool and his wife(they were married) was way, Way too hot for him anyway.

Steriods dont fight for you they just help recovery times that and add some energy.They wont fight for you.They might kill you so take your chances.

what a tool!

Guy was a tool

"MMA guy was a f*ucking tool and his wife(they were married) was way, Way too hot for him anyway."

Nope,it said they were engaged.

"If anyone remembers the guy's first name, I'm pretty sure the even was Gladiator Challenge: Proving Ground."

I was at that event in Konocti, but I haven't seen the MTV show. Now I'm really interested to see who he is because I'd probably remember his fight or at least what he looks like.

At the end it says he doesn't juice anymore, won 2 fights, and his hot girlfriend left him.

I went to the MTV website to look it up and his first name is Roger. Now all we need is his last name.

I looked up the Gladiator Challenge: Proving Grounds card on Sherdog and there is a guy named Roger Jackson who has a 1-1 record, but no picture to put a face to the name. Does that name ring a bell to anyone?

I know it's pretty funny Rodd. I just want to know who this guy is and if he's fought anyone from my school.

His other fight was called a win at first. Then later on they gave him a NC. I don't know the details tho.

His name is Roger Jackson. I fought on that card and the Promoter told us at the fighter meeting to act professional 'cause MTV was there filming. LOL we all had no clue why they were there filming.

Dont remember his name but for a couple weeks he trained at my school(months after the show aired).It was over a year ago but from what I remember he was a spaz and not very good.last I heard he trains in Sac.

I fuckin' hate spazers. I like to mount them and chest smother em when my t-shirt is sweaty as hell and let em gas.