Muay Thai Apparell??

dont know if i spelled Apparell rigtht but who cares...

where can i buy some shirts for Muay Thai, not fighting clothes, regulare stuff i can where around??



LMAO @ Yuki, fucker...ima get you in March.....REMATCH AT RAWDAWGS!!!

thanks beernight!


TT, I'm actually putting up a website of custom apparell. I'll have a bunch of MT stuff, let me know if you have any ideas you'd like to see.

thats awesome JKD, im really looking for shirts that i can where around, kind of like the MMA shirts, and BJJ that you can where around to support the sport..

lana muay thai camp, the website i think is lanamuaythaidot com they havs some good pics of fighters and techniques that you could incorporate into drawings if you want to....


no worries bro! how about fairtex?

fairtex is the of muay thai

Expect 6 months to get your order...if you get it at all.

I've never had a problem with fairtex ever. I am sorry to hear everyone else is.

thanks for the links guys!!


sandy you got some stuff no?


A lot of the vendors on ebay have ebay stores or other websites that they sell the stuff from.

I think that alot of the MT clothes out there are pretty cheesey. Nothing that I would wear, personally. I'll make some very cool designs very soon.

I would love to just get a hooded sweatshirt or even a t-shirt that said Twins without all these crazy pictures of fighters on it. anyone know where?

ALS GYM out of Europe. Try /.org (whichever) or google it. I buy alot there. They have everything from your own email address to casual clothing to competition gear. It's a nice site and they have a pretty stellar team of fighters too. Good Luck!


lol @ fairtex comment! thats only true about their equipment not the clothes