Muay Thai/Boxing in Naples FL?

Can anyone recommend a gym in this area? I'll be going there next week and was hoping to get some training in.

Thanks in advance.

Allen Harris

Crafton Wallace has a place there.

Youll have to do a search, sorry I dont have the contact info.

That's a good start, thanks.

check on the florida forum you might get some help there

he's got a website for it I think. I thought it was the Blaze gym or something, like his ringname

Thanks guys.

Inferno Muay Thai

Do you have any contact information for Inferno Muay Thai?

Their name kept popping up on searches, but only as a team name - I couldn't find anything in the yellow pages or by calling 411.

Thanks again.


any last thoughts before I head south?


If youre in the fort myers area check out Black Trunk. They have good wrestling, BJJ and Boxing.

If you're going to do some fishing:
The tarpon are showing up right now down in Naples and making their way north but arent real thick yet in Fort Myers. The redfish and snook fishing has been pretty good due to the mild winter and the water clarity is the best in years.

If you don't have a boat and are looking for a charter email me @ Im not a guide but know who the good ones are around here from fishing tournaments around here for years, co hosting a local fishing radio show and running my own tournament series.

Have a good time!

^^ i do love your screen name. Thank you very much for the offer, but I'll actually be spending most of my time working and (when I can squeeze it in) trying to get in some training.

Thanks very much.

ttt for Sean Wislon's place in Cape Coral. He has Carl Vickery teaching Muay Thai Wed & Fri night.

For BJJ, Sean is awesome too.

Tell him Fletch sent you.

For BJJ in Naples, check us out.

I'll definitely hit the place. I've got your schedule printed out already!

Bigmills008, How do I get to the Florida Forum?