Muay Thai Fight Camps....

I am looking at the possibility of going to Thailand and staying for 3-4 months at a camp. I know its a more popular thing now, so I was wondering if anybody has gone, and if there are any suggestions.

Im more interested in good solid training to make my standup better.


what part of thailand? big country

Saekson Janjira takes a group of people to Thailand every year I personally
havnt gone but ive heard great things about the trip.

I guess any part of Thailand.....which part of Thailand has the best training? Ive never been.



ttt.....somebody, help!!!!

one more ttt

well if you are gonna fly on a plane for 21 hours I would see more than just bangkok. There are many many camps in BKK as well as down south. For example, I hear the fairtex gym is good for foreigners. Down in Phuket there is tiger muay thai- phuket muay thai....I worked out there. its a good spot for a tourist. There have been tons of threads on this so I am sure someone has more info. google fairtex bangkok camp for starters.

Thank you Blake Grice. I did google some stuff before I made this post, but I was hopin somebody would give me a 'first person' experience. Is there a certain 'area' of Thailand that has better training. Im not interested in tourism or anything. I just wish to train hard.



If you check out the forums and go to the Muay Thai/kickboxing forum, there have been tons of threads on Thailand training. One gentleman, Damian Mavis lives there, teaches in Bangkok, does MOvie stuntwork, and has written several threads on his adventures over there. Many many camps from the states have gone and reported back on their experiences in various threads. Go there and do a search, I am sure you will find what you are looking for and more.

You can also go to the kickboxing forum on this underground. I just saw that RyuKyu damashi posted a thread, as he is in Thailand training right now. He talked about the Fairtex Pattaya, check it out.


Thank you Pete. I found Ryukyu's thread, and I will scope out that website.