Muay Thai Gym in Venezuela?

Hi guys, me and two other friends are making a effort to create the venezuelan MT federation, i have boxing and kyokushin karate experience, trained for a month with sakasem, and also have trained in Aruba. My two other friends, one of them trained in tailand for 6 months, and the other have trained full contact and now is competing in Sanda. Our club fighters have already fought profesionaly with kickboxing rules against full contact and sanda practicioners, but we are looking for others MT gyms or practicioners in Venezuela, if you know any please let me know?
Also have you ever heard of Rafael Matute? he is supossed to be six times world MT champion, he is from venezuela, but never heard of him? i think he is a phony, if you know anything about this dude, please let me know too.

I did some training on Maragrita Island about 5 years ago and they took me to an upstairs in a weight gym. There was a trainer there a little on the heavy side but pretty tough he had some good students I think alot of them were Lebanese.

You know anything about these guys????

hi sokescrog,
i dont know about these guys, were they training Muay Thai? i mean with low kicks and knees, the thing is there are some full contact and sanshou gyms in Venezuela, are you sure it was Muay Thai?, do you remember the name of the gym, or the instructor, or maybe the address of the gym? where was near by? i would really apreciate your help


THe gym was on Margarita Island and it was in the upstairs of a weight lifting facility. Its been a long time so I don't remember any names. Sorry.

Yes it was Muay Thai though and very good Muay Thai. The instructor was a short heavy guy witha full face beard and most of his students were Lebanese living there elegally if I remember right.