Muay Thai Gyms in Orlando

I'm traveling to Orlando for 4-5 days and was hoping to find a MT gym where I could pop in the evenings to train or just hit the bags while in town.

The only one I know of is called Kokopelli's (sp?) and it is in Casselberry. I don't know if it is legitimate or not.

Thanks, I'll try searching on them. Anybody else?

Don't go to Kokopelli's. The Muay Thai guy is arrogant as hell. I don't know if you can put up with that, but I sure couldn't. Also, my MT instructor was using his facility to train in (they have an excellent facility) and he said after watching him train people for a while that what they do there should not be called Muay Thai. I went to watch a class once, and I have to admit it didn't look much like anything we do in our MT class.

In Orlando there are some people who SAY they train MT but they really don't. Try, although they don't have any info on the website, they have MT on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:30-9:00. Call William for more information.

8limbs, that is much appreciated! I will do so. I'd be able to make Tuesday and I fly out on Thursday night. Are you training there currently?

Sorry for the misinformation. I'll refer others elsewhere!


Yes, I'm training there currently. You might want to contact the kickboxing coach directly, because there is some scheduling confusion right now, and we might have to do our kickboxing at another location for a while. You can reach him at (407) 928-3118, ask for Enrique