Muay thai in DC or MD

Just moved to MD (silver spring). anyone know a good place to train within a reasonable distance.

In Maryland, check out Evolve Academy in Germantown. I don't think that's too far from you. Great training there!

There is also Lloyd Irvin's down in the Camp Springs/Temple Hills area (near Andrew's AFB). Also great training! But, that might be a little further than you want.

There is also Yamasaki's in Rockville, but I'm really not sure of the status of their MuayThai program. I know they have a MT program, but I really don't know the

The final option I know of is MD Thaiboxing. I think they're up in the Rockville/Gaithersburg/Germantown area.... I've seen their guys fight! They've got talent!

The only thing in DC that I'm aware of is 3rd Power Gym in Adam's Morgan. I'm really not sure what programs they have these days, but if memory serves me correctly, they used to have a MuayThai program and may still have one.

yo KK is that Jeff Ruth in that photo with you?

yes. he was my cornerman that fight

cool. i've been training with jeff for about a year now. great guy. he's
whipped my ass into shape! tho i have fallen off in december here.

i think he mentioned you might be coming to do another sparring cloe for
us during the week?

I start coaching 2 new classes for Jeff next week. Friday evenings (6:30 - 7:30pm) and Sunday midday (12 noon - 1pm). Fridays class will be a fighters training class, and Sundays will be a 'general purpose' MuayThai class.

great. see you on friday. i'm on the fight team. how do you think the
class will be structured? saturday sparring is pretty relaxed, we do a few
rounds of boxing, lead hand only stuff like that, then kicks added and
then knees. but we just go round after round. its fun.

whats your class going to be like?

(PS: i fell off the conditioning horse during december so don't hold that
against me)

I'm still formulating my plans for each classes structure.

I've got a few ideas, we'll see.....

when was that picture taken with jeff anyway? he looks THIN

May 8th, 2004 at "King of the Ring 9" in Virginia Beach