Muay Thai in LA?

Recommend me a great gym with good people. I'm a rookie, so this would be for a strict beginner.

I've heard good things about the No Ho Mt academy.

If you're talking about Los Angeles then Hermosa Boxing Works is a great place

Definitly Hermosa Beach, Boxing Works.

Tell Brian Popejoy, that Dave  Rogers sent you.

where in LA?

if youre anywhere close to the valley, then MTA (muay thai academy) is your best bet.

what they said

Really depends where in LA you are. north hollywood MTA is a good traditional thai school(if you are close to the valley) and at the other end of the area I have heard good things about boxingworks.
South los angeles.....Full MMA...
Team Freedom...Represent!!!

Pro Training Inc in Pasadena. Sleeper Mcawski, a great Thai champ.

ttt for Walter "Sleeper" Michalowski at Pro Training in Pasedena.

Cptcruch, thx for the spell check. I knew I wrote it wrong. Lol.

Oh yeah, sleeper has a great gym from what I hear. I agree with liking the dutch style more though, more hands instead of all kicks and knees. ANyone know more about the mijiro place?

Sityodtong in Pasedena is Walters place.

Anybody got a link to the No Ho MT academy?

Muay Thai Academy of America

Great school....

Thanks Jayman!