Muay Thai in NYC

Pros & Cons of 5 points muay thai vs. the Wat.

I do not know anything of 5 points but I only hear good things about the Wat.

Yo! is this you RR? where've you been???

Good things about the WAT:

  1. If its good enough for GSP its good enough for me. :)

Hey Sonom? Wow! Long time bro. Ive been around lol. Starting to train Muay Thai and back to BJJ with Renzo.

I decided to pick Sitan Muay Thai in Astoria. That place is really really good! Love it there!

Sta94: How is everything? You still doing Judo?

Aziz is a top trainer with a phenomenal eye for what works best for
someone. good luck in your training!

hey RR, I'm overseas at the moment, taking care of some family stuff, be back in the US next month. Progress has been slow in judo, my shoulders still bother me. Best of luck with muay thai!