Muay Thai in other countries

Anyone know of any sources for finding muay thai (or BJJ for that matter)
schools in different countries? I'll be traveling for two months through
Africa and South America and would love to be able to fit in classes from
time to time to keep up what little skill I have. Thanks.

Or, if anyone lives or has been to the following countries, maybe you can
just mention a school you may know of: Peru, Argentina, South Africa,
Tanzania, Israel.

I'm pretty sure that Steve Kalakoda's "Steve's Gym" in Capetown is still running.

Where in SA are you going?

Thank you. I'll be in Cape Town.

Sorry, but what does ttt mean?

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AHA! Thanks so much for the help. Now if anyone has any answers for
me, that'd be amazing. I will definitely look into 'Steve's Gym' in Cape
Town, for starters.