Muay Thai Instructor in NJ

He claims to be head instructor for Egyptian team, world champion, etc. First name is Ashraf, or some variation. Anyone have any info?

what part of jerz?

This is in the Somerville/Hillsborough area, up above Princeton. There is a Dan Mayo Wrestling Academy up and running there that is interested in starting up MMA classes. Coach Mayo was introduced to an Egyptian man who claims to be the head coach for Egypt's Muay Thai team, and is himself a world champion. He literally walked up to the coach carrying his championship belts in his hands. He speaks little English and coach Mayo wrote down his name which appears to be Ashraf. I Googled his first name with Egyptian Muay Thai and got nothing. I would like to give the person the benefit of the doubt, but...

contact hazem ibrahim from ricardo almeida's school. haz is egyptian and might know.

Can anyone attend the mayo clinic? Or is it for highschool kids.