Muay Thai Legend at Iron Tiger GYM

Hello dear friends,

We are please to announce that the Legendary Muay Thai fighter Coban Lookchaomaesaitong will teach a seminar at our GYM on July 28, 12 Pm. Please come and join as for the day and experience training with one of Thailand's all times best fighter. I attached the flyer and a link to one of Coban's fight against another Legend Ramon Dekkers . They fought each other 4 times and each won two times and there fights are seen as Muay Thai classics.

Yours in Combat Sports,

gym: 905-662-1100



Say that five times with a peanut butter sandwich in your mouth.

Can I have the origin of that word please?

Is there another way to say that word?

Can you repeat the word for me please?

Is there more than one definition for the word?



His name is a tongue-twister for sure. Buddy was just
saying to me lets hear ya say it as fast as ya can
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Coban is the Muhammad Ali of Muay Thai, the litlle Mike Tyson of Thailand. Lookchaomaesaitong is not his name bro, Thai fighters take the last name from the Camp or GYM they train.

what is the cost of the seminar?

It is 100 for 4 hours, he is going to spend most of the time teaching Thai Clinch and haw to set up elbow strikes.


one hell of a fighter and you should hear how he talks about fighting. It will make your di*k hard and ready to fight everyone! lol....... basically I am saying when he talks it is very inspiring.