Muay Thai Mississauga

I'm heading to Mississauga on Sunday for work and will be there through Friday. I've searched online and found Elite Training Center, Battle Arts Academy and Kombat Arts. Where to go? Phone Post 3.0

Kombat Arts is where I used to train and it's fantastic. Joey, Eddie or Dave will be able to answer any questions about guest passes and what not. Tell them The Lumberjack Lisi sent you. Phone Post 3.0

Sounds good, I may go to them all! Phone Post 3.0

Ttt? Phone Post 3.0

Fuck lumberjack!!! I forgot to tell them you sent me. Went tonight, liked it the best of the three. I went to battle arts on Monday, elite on Tuesday. Phone Post 3.0

Back in Mississauga again this week, I'll be hitting Kombat Arts every day, hopefully!


Bring back my boy Jay T.

Blue Please Post Video:

Part 1

Part 2

Representing the 'ga!

Woot woot! Phone Post 3.0

Joey and Kombat Arts is awesome Phone Post 3.0

I love Kombat Arts, I've been lucky to make it there after work each time I've come up here. Such a cool place to train and yeah Joey is awesome, along with the rest of the crew. Phone Post 3.0

Used to train and fight out of Kombat.
Havent trained there since before they moved but Joey is an awesome coach! Phone Post 3.0