Muay Thai Movie..

I saw this movie called "Ong-Bak Muay Thai Warrior",and let me tell you something,this guy is awesome,fighting only with muay thai techs,good actions scenes,violence,a lot of fights,etc.
For all the Muay thai lovers,this film gonna make you kum over your pants!!!!
Just use bitorrent to download.
Nos belmont!!!

That's a fun movie...I need to watch it again. I have it on VCD but no (english) subtitles. He was pretty cool...was kind of suprised to see a few gymnastic-capoeira type sequences that I don't normally associate with Muay Thai.

Still, I agree. A good, fun movie. If you ever find a place like that on Khaosan, let me know.

I want to see it!!

me too... where can i get it???


The Hong Kong Legends label are releasing it very soon on DVD in the UK. You can locate their website using Google (I can't post html). If you have a multiregion DVD player you will be able to view it.

I downloaded the torrent file from emule!!!

Have yet to see it (though I wil dowload the DVD-rip soon), but I've read that the action is not based on modern sport muay thai. Rather, it's based on an older variant called Muay B___? Much more flashy.

Yeah, from what I've read, there is no wirework and no CG.

The movie was pretty entertaining; most of the fights were silly, but the stuntwork throughout was amazing.

it was a pretty cool movie, not as good as its hyped up to be though. i didnt like the main character's voice he has that annoying viet/thai voice that hurts my ears

damn.. still wanna see it.. dudes post me sme info on


ttt 4 info...

cooooome on??? anyone...

Think Fist of Legend with a dash of Muay Thai and cool stunts That gets my vote!heads off to find copy of Ong-Bak Muay Thai Warrior

You can get an all-region DVD on e-Bay for like 10.00-15.00.

It's a great film. I found the lead to be quite charming in a quiet subdued way, the stunts were stunning, and the way they incorporated Muay Thai was incredible.

Totally worth the effort to hunt down.

First off, it's not modern ring style Muay Thai it's the old style called Muay Boran wich does have alot of techniques that are not part of modern Thai boxing. The weapons are straight Krabi Krabong. I think it's kind of funny when people see the old style's and start bitching how it's not real Muay Thai.... no shit, these styles are were Muay Thai came from. Granted there is some flashy stuff thrown in but there is also a good bit of authentic old school techniques as well. The stunt work is fucking insane -think early jackie chan- and there are no wires used at all. The star of the movie is an incredible athelete and you'll be amazed at the things he does with no wires. It is easily the best martial arts type movie I have seen in years. Don't listen to the haters on here, it rocks.

PLEASE - if you have it... and want to share/sell it.. email me @


Ong Bak is cool ;-) No more kung fu movies for me - this is way better...