Muay Thai near Putney in London UK?

Hey guys,

Does anyone know of any Muay Thai gyms near Putney in London, UK. There is of course London Shootfighters which if you look at a map doesn't seem far but keep in mind this city is fucking over crowded so to travel (what would normally take) 20 minutes by road takes about an hour.

I did a quick google but everywhere seems to far away.


 I havent lived in the uk for a while, lived in putney early 90s actually

Are you looking for more traditional muay thai?

Theres a lot of decent muay thai in london

I havent visited Diesel muay Thai (sitnarong london) but hear its a decent camp... carlson gracie have a decent muay thai class in hammersmith, Pat at Roger Gracie's place is a good thai teacher... floyd brown is good, he teaches at lse, although i think he may have turned all the lse muay thai classes to rich, who teaches excellent traditional muay thai (his teacher is kru bah from the documentary, Buddhas lost children), also Stan prescott is in south london, he was an undefeated pro boxer and undefeated in muay thai, teaches traditional muay thai but also teaches boxing

 stan prescott

Excellent thanks. Phone Post