Muay Thai on iPPV "Live"!!

Hey guys,

The Roundkick Rumble Muay Thai Classic-TBA Open North American Tournament is now on Webcast PPV "LIVE" Saturday night June 16th. Over 15 fights both amateur and Pro Full rules Muay Thai, over 24 TBA-SA titles to be awarded.(junior titles are during the day, can be watched at a later date)

The cost to buy is only $24.95!! This is a 48 hour ticket, so buy it and watch it as much as you want for 48 hours. Busy that night? buy it anyway, and watch it the next day.

You will need to go to and follow the link (that will be active soon) to purchase.

Please spread the word and buy the iPPV, this event is gonna ROCK!!

Any questions, get at me on



Raul Llopis is going to kick some ass!

I am sooo lookin' forward to seeing Raul fight again. But don't take anything away from the Canadians, these guys are tough, they are coming to bang!!

Hope you all can check out this event on the iPPV, it is definitely one not to miss!

Thanks for the ttt's.....spread the word!!


Go Muay Thai !

ttt for Team Toro to clean up.

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Check out the Pro bouts:

Marshall blevins (Miletich fighter) vs. Mukai Maromo (Iron Tiger Muay Thai in Canada)

Ben Yelle (U.S. Muay Thai, Marquette,MI) vs. Dave Hale(Iron Tiger Muay Thai)

Rual Llopis (former 4 time World Champ) vs. Josh Palmer (Ottawa Academy of M.A., Canada)

Kevin Burns (Iowa) vs. Cyrus Washington (HCX-Joliet Il.)....Kevin Broke his hand today, so he is out.

These Pro fights are gonna ROCK...Full Rules!!

The amateurs are awesome as well, 24 amateur titles on the line!



Anyone else care to comment??

Pete, do you need someone to fill in for the guy with the broke hand?

ttt for MMAA



I wish he had broken it earlier (well, actually not at all, but....) that way I would have had time to get someone to replace him and get the paperwork and bloodwork in to the AC in time. But there is not time now. So it looks like I have to scratch that fight.