Muay Thai on MTV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Be on MTV's Documentary Series, 'True Life'
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True Life: I'm a Muay Thai Kickboxer
Are you a Muay Thai kickboxer? Are you ready to take your fighting to the next level? We're looking for someone between the ages of 17-25 who is planning on traveling to Thailand to fight for their first time overseas. We want to see through your eyes what it's like to prepare, travel, and square off in the middle of the ring, thousands of miles from home.

If you're heading to Thailand to fight between the months of January and April, please email your story to Please include your name, age, location, and phone number."

Damn,if only I was single and 25 again

It has already been done!

Nat McIntyre from Minnesota flew over to Thailand in 2001 for Discovery Channel's "Dream Chasers". It followed his training in the US and in Thailand and climaxed with his stadium fight.
Pretty cool show but it should have been a 3part series, not packed into 1hr.

More original MTV programming.

We should write them and ask for a true life I'm an Ultimate fighter.

Someone shoudl go on MADE: I want to be an Ultimate

True Life: I'm an Yves Edward's jock-rider

Damian, I wish I'd seen that. lol @ mtv

the mixed martial arts/ultimate fighting suggestion is actually an excellent one

Thanks loretta. ;)

Make it happen.

17-25?? Who's in that age bracket in the UFC?

Tim? Robbie? Karo? Yves? BJ? Mir?

I will talk to my "connections", although I believe MTV recently included ultimate fighting as part of another "I am a_____" espisode to air in the next few months.

Randy Couture will be on MTV True life February 12. He trained with someone for a day.

he trained with Josh ???, a student iof jake shields.

"It followed his training in the US and in Thailand and climaxed with his stadium fight"

Hey, they could follow me to Thailand. I have had many "climaxes" in Bangkok LOL

Yes Fletch.