muay thai or boxing in GTA

I was wondering if anyone knows of a good muay thai or boxing school in the GTA

thanks in advance

Ultimate Martial Arts in Scarborough is a good place to train Muay Thai.

I've heard that Siam #1 is good too but I've never been there.

This is out of date but should help you:

and check out KATA in Mississauga:

and of course Rebellion has some Muay Thai classes:

Siam #1

You can get Siam's website link from the angelfire link.

siam #1 address is, also check out

Tiger Gym is located at 2730 Dundas West

CC, did you ever train there?

Siam #1 is very well respected. On Duff, just s of Lawrence. (not much to see on the website though)

I'm a member there (just got back from class 5 minutes ago). Great instructors. Very cool people. They even fight Team Tompkins every so often as I just learned (duh, me =P ).

~$70 a month. 2 hour classes (I don't think any other place offers this). Lots of guys to talk MMA about too:) What more can I say?

ps. new carpets coming in soon. may move in the spring of next year.

pss. some really hot chicks there too :P

Wayne-o. I've never trained there yet but know one guy who does. I was told the training is very hardcore and if you want the real deal that you can't go wrong at that club.

I hear Tiger is an excellent place producing a lot of very good fighters with impressive records.

I thought I heard the main guy at Tiger was originally a student of Siam #1's? I hear Tiger gym's name often come up at Siam #1. I think it's always in a good light.

Go with the muay thai bro. I've trained at or visited the places listed and the women there are HOT.

Antico, the trainer at Tiger was taught by another Thai, I believe.

If you are just starting, I would check out Wagnney Fabiano BJJ and MMA because the instructor is very knowledgeable and patient - two thing a beginner needs. The advantage of starting at Wagnney's is that - most likely for the same price - you could also take BJJ classes with what I believe are the best practioners in Canada. The new space is also very attractive for a 'serious' club.

If this cunning plan is not suitable to you, Siam #1 for Muay Thai and Cabbagetown or Atlas for boxing. Cabbagetown would be cheaper but it IS hardcore.