Muay Thai pics from Thailand!

I just got back from 18 days in Thailand, where I attended several Muay Thai events, including 2 at Lumpini Stadium. Here are some of the pics:

Mason White

Fixed, sorry.



nice pics man

Awesome pics!! Damn how I wish I could turn my hips over on my kicks. :(

Thanks for sharing.  Sweet pics.

nice i just got back myself.......alot of hard training and fighting......also some fun at the end !!

Do you have any pics of the fun at the end?


Hyenas idea of "fun" involves going to the library, feeding pigeons, etc.

What do you have against pigeons?


lol, nothing against pigeons. great pics, btw.

lol, had the wrong pic up for a second there, ooops... thanks

Nice images man!

sounds like you had a good time!

Very cool photos


Those are awesome.

Awesome pics, I wanna go... That's a hell of a pigeon pic.

I like the way that in thailand all the crowd shout out every time someone goes for a knee.