Muay Thai pics from Thailand!


Here ya go, Sanchez:

great pics. some of those fighters look like really young.

They start even younger than that in Thailand.

Great pics!

I will be back there in March and again in May. Mason, will you be in Thailand around those dates?

good stuff... I should be heading there to train in late January for about as long, looking forward to it!


Awesome Pics Man, Thanks!

Marc (hyena), I forgot to give you my email. Shot me the link to the pics dude.

Nice! I gotta go there.


I was hoping you would see these. If you get a chance, shoot me a email and give me some critique, it would be greatly appreciated.


Johnny Walls,

I doubt I'll be back in Thailand for awhile. I'm going to Alaska, Costa Rica and the Yucatan Peninsula first. Have fun!



Sweet. Hopefully I'll get a chance someday to make a trip to Lumpini.


great pics!


They definately start at a very early age and I believe they typically retire in their early twenties, but I dont think it's just due to injuries.

Mason White

very nice pics

whats your camera ?


Those pics were all taken with a Canon 10d and a 50mm 1.4 lens. No flash.



From talking to a few people over there, I was under the impression that it had more to do with stamina and conditioning than injuries. In all the bouts I watched while in Thailand, I never saw one person gas at all. Not even a little bit. Typically, the first round is a little slow, which I'm told is done intentionally to allow the gamblers to establish odds and such, but the remaining rounds are pretty much full throttle from start to finish.

I'm sure injuries play a role in some competitor's retirements, but I think it has more to do with conditioning as to why most of them retire so young. It may just be a part of the tradition, too. Perhaps they just consider it to be a young man's sport. I dunno.

Mason White

Where did you stay ?

Did you train ?

C'mon with the Details!!!!!!